Too much to do and not enough time.    

The most precious commodity these days is time. At work, there’s never enough time to get everything you need to get done in one day. Phone interruptions. Emails keep pouring in. The one-hour meeting drags on for three hours. And then when five o’clock does finally roll around, it’s the mad dash to pick-up the kids, grab the dry cleaning, cook dinner, give them baths and then get ready to do the whole routine all over again the next day. Calgon take me away!Crushed Alarm Clock

When you’re really pressed for time, you become stressed. Things don’t get done. Your blood pressure goes up. And inadvertently, you probably let some people down. This can affect your work performance, or even worse, co-worker and personal relationships get tarnished. You’ve tried setting goals, prioritizing, and list making—as the clock keeps ticking and your list is not getting any shorter.

So what is one to do to get time on their side?

Simple. First you need to realize you can’t do it all by yourself. Two hands and twenty-four hours can only accomplish so much. Time to outsource the household chores and errands that don’t enhance your career or personal life.

It’s called lifestyle management. I’m Marni Smith, the CEO of Portero Concierge. I started my company on this exact premise. Between my work and home life, I had no time to even get groceries. And then I had an idea—and voila—Portero Concierge was born.

So whether you need someone to get your groceries, grab your dry cleaning, find a babysitter, get your car serviced, run an errand, pick-up a birthday gift, or even plan a special night out—we’ll make it happen. Think of us as your own personal assistant, so you can spend more quality time with the family or focus on that promotion you’ve been gunning for.

Let us invest our time into your happiness.  🙂