New Year. Old Habits.

Here we are, half way into the first new month of the New Year and those so-called “resolutions” we made have run away from us. Going to the gym—haven’t gone. Lose weight—see the prior sentence. Spend more time with the family—we did so much of that over the holidays…oh but I guess that was last year. Change isn’t easy, but it is inevitable. And personal change is hard, but there’s a company that can help you make it happen. Portero Concierge. Heck, our initials are the same as personal change. First just change your mindset, and the rest of the resolutions will follow.

New Year 2016Obviously, the reason a great majority of Americans can’t stick to their resolutions is because they can’t find the time. Can’t go the gym, because they’re stuck at work. Can’t lose weight, because (see prior sentence). Can’t spend time with the family, because they’re all in bed by the time they get off work. See the commonality here? Quit work. Just kidding. Work is good—if it pays. But pick your personal work carefully, and value your time better.

The real resolution you should set for yourself is to gain more “me” time. Free yourself up from the endless errands, honey-to-do lists, plus the painful researching for reliable contractors, florists, and transportation companies—not to mention finding a trustworthy babysitter at the very last minute. Portero Concierge can do all that and then some. Travel planning, date night, house cleaning, to even finding the-ever-so-popular Coachella tickets, so you can catch the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Yes we’ll get you in, but after that, we’re not responsible for what happens. Just kidding…but not really.

So January isn’t over just yet. Recommit to a new set of resolutions. Ones that’ll actually make you happier, less stressed, and enable you to gain more “me” time. Kick the old habits to the curb. Call the folks that can help you make it all happen—Portero Concierge.