Everyone loves stories about crazy hotel concierge requests. Fortunately, the ones we get are very different. If you haven’t read any of those funny stories, here’s one from CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/14/travel/gallery/bizarre-hotel-requests). We may eventually get requests for custom-made chocolate sculptures, but we’re fortunate that we can help our clients in other ways.
So if we don’t do all of that wacky stuff, what exactly does a modern concierge service do?
Well, we do book limousines (but with more options than a hotel concierge), get you into the hotspots around town and make restaurant reservations at all the best local eateries.
Our biggest difference is the groups that we help out, though:
We help businesses and everyday people who are just living their lives (but want them to be a little bit easier)

Today’s concierge is very approachable

In the business sector
We offer affordable options for relieving worker stress and workload while decreasing the company’s manpower and HR worries. If you’re interested in how a concierge can help prevent overstaffing or worker burnout, check out the LinkedIn posts that Marni wrote.
But, modern corporate concierge services can help with more than just manpower and utilization issues—they’re able to provide you with a comprehensive list of money-saving services and ideas.
How simply and effectively it can work for your company? Just budget a few dollars per month towards tasks that don’t require your expertise (or that you don’t want to do!), and someone will take care of all of them for you! You use your time to make more money for your company, and don’t have to spend it making deliveries, running errands or organizing business trips. A good business concierge also helps you with personal introductions and growing your network of contacts.
Are there other ways we can help your business? Our services make employees happier and improve their on-the-job satisfaction. If you’ve ever wanted to thank one of your employees for exceptional service or if you’ve just wanted to let them know how much you appreciate the work they’ve been doing, then here’s your chance to really show it! Have a concierge service take over some of their “less desirable” jobs for the month or perhaps have a concierge take care of some tasks for them around their house. Don’t just pay lip service to the idea of a great work-life balance—get a concierge to really help improve it.
And don’t forget that improved work-satisfaction means improved productivity; making the help we provide a win/win situation for both your company and your employees.
For everyday people
Pretty much everyone who’s living in today’s world could use some assistance with everything they need to get accomplished every single day of the week. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, have kids, or are a retired pet-owner; you could probably use an extra set of hands to help you  with something. A concierge can have someone wait around for that unanticipated emergency repair, go grocery shopping for your last-minute party and arrange to have your guests driven home after your last-minute party. They can also have your dog groomed while you’re on vacation. Basically, just about anything that you’d rather not spend your time doing.
These days, both consumers and business people have so little spare time to invest in the peripheral “tasks” that accompany our busy lives. Let a concierge help you with that.
So, anyone need a unicorn delivered to their hotel room?