So it was just the Fourth of July this past weekend. America. The land of the free. Celebrating 240 years of being free to be exact. Envied. Replicated. Hated. Love us or leave us alone—we proudly lit up the sky with bombs bursting in air (well there were a lot of illegal fireworks this year, wouldn’t you agree?).

Freedom_Waving American FlagsIndependence Day shouldn’t be celebrated just once a year. It should be celebrated every day. We as Americans need to flex our freedom. And frequently. At work. At home. As employers. As employees.

Is the red, white, and blue running through your veins yet? If you’re fist-pumpin’ and flag-wavin’ right about now, you’re going to be onboard with my idea for a Declaration of Independence. It’ll benefit the fine, hard-working Americans and their families as well.

Let’s start with employers. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an ecommerce start-up, you can set the freedom tone, attract and retain new talent, while rewarding your star staff members with the ultimate work/life balance. Individualized perks can increase productivity and enhance company culture. If you’re in the property management business freedom can ring right through your retail centers by offering your merchants the development of onsite events to drive traffic and enhance visitor experiences. By catering to on-demand needs, your business will benefit from elevated engagement and total customer satisfaction.

Freedom can be habit-forming. For employees, removing them from their daily personal-life stresses will create a happier, more focused team member. Listen to the call of freedom. Discover what it’s all about at and let it roar through your rank.