Even Santa has elves.

You don’t have to be afraid of the clock. Yes, it’s December, the first day of the twelfth month. Decorations are going up. Stockings are being hung. Holiday parties to hit. Gifts to buy. Cards to send out. Presents to return. And then there’s a new year to ring in. Like it or not, these next thirty days are going to be gone in thirty seconds. Not even Father Time can stop the clock, so quit looking at your calendar and take a quick look at the bearded man himself—Santa. You just might learn a thing or two.

Santa's Elf delivering packages on bikeYou’re probably thinking to yourself, Santa has it made, he only works one day a year. Think again. There’s a lot of preparation and planning that goes into Christmas Eve. Throughout the year, he’s constantly monitoring children all over the world to see who’s been naughty, and who’s been nice. He’s modifying his sleigh, because he just put on 24,901 miles. And he’s foreman of his workshop where the elves are busy building toys all year long. Yes, even Santa can’t do it all by himself. There’s something to be said about the elves—Santa’s little helpers. We could all use a couple elves to help get things done, especially during the holidays, when there’s so much to do.

Well you’re in luck, because elves aren’t that hard to acquire. Sure at the North Pole they’re referred to as elves, but here in Southern California we call them concierges. These little busy bodies can help you when you’re overwhelmed. They can plan your holiday parties and cater them. Buy your gifts and return them. Even decorate your home for the holidays and clean your house when it’s all over.

Where can I get these elves to take care of all my needs? Simple, just contact Portero Concierge. No wish list too tall and no request too small. Plus they’re available all year round. And they don’t wear those funny little outfits with the pointy shoes. Unless of course you want them to!

Sorry Santa, you’ve got competition.