Create the ultimate customer experience.  

As any brick-and-mortar retail merchant will tell you, since the surge of online shopping it’s getting harder and harder to hang onto customers—let alone attract new ones. According to statistics, online sales in U.S. are projected to be $392 billion for 2016. And $98 billion of that will be made on mobile devices. So does that mean going to a store to actually buy something will soon be dead? Not by a long shot.

Happy CustomersWhat offline retailers need to do is create the ultimate customer experience. Make going to a store such a memorable, fun, and entertaining trip that consumers will not only come back, they’ll tell others about your store or retail center. So how does one create such an experience to separate their stores from the typical President’s Day sale, 50% off coupon, or the daily discount? Offer concierge services.

Recently, we started providing onsite concierge services at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. Our staff acts as brand ambassadors that service the needs of employees, visitors, and merchants. By catering to on-demand needs, Pacific City benefits from increased productivity, elevated engagement, and total customer satisfaction. Which is making the new retail destination the talk of town.

So keep your customers away from going online and give them a reason to come in and shop. Take your business to a whole new level before someone snatches away your shoppers for good. Will that be credit or debit? Thank you—come again.